Ministry of Justice to Publicize its Legal Services Call Center (188)

July 24, 2018

Mohammad Qasem Halimi- Deputy Minister of Justice in technical affairs, met the director Zarnigar Media Production and discussed the modality of developing and announcing an advertisement on MOJ Legal Services Call Center. Both sides agreed that Zarnigar Media Production will prepare a video-clip on (188) legal services call center and publicize it in Kabul via Zarnigar Digital Television Cable for a period of three months.

Likewise, Zarnigar Media Production will continuously and uninterruptedly advertise the subtitles through the agreed channels. Designing scripts, scenarios and characters will be the responsibility of ministry of justice and the charges will be borne by Arif-Azim Group of Companies.  

Zarnigar Media Production will provide the Ministry of Justice with 6 STB devices so that this ministry is able to track its advertisements. The draft of MoU in this regard is prepared and will soon be signed.

Zarnigar Media Production works in the area of media outreach and provides digital cable services in Kabul besides having 36 national and 55 international channels for its customers throughout Afghanistan.