The High Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and Smuggling Migrants Report, Year 1396

Extension of Human Trafficking crime has recently added fuel to the flame of serious concerns in National and International levels, and has converted into a big challenge. According to the Report and evaluations conducted, nowadays, the human trafficking crime alongside the trafficking of Weapons and Narcotics, is considered significant illegal proceeds for the international Mafia. The criminal networks of human trafficking get enormous financial benefits via exploitation, deception and misuse of the victims of this crime.

The bitter tragedies during the last thirty years, paved the way for a wide range of illegal migrations. The consequences whereof is the legacy of war, poverty and unemployment as factors significant to the growth of human trafficking and smuggling migrants in the country.

Bearing in mind the aforesaid facts, the member institutions of High Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and Smuggling Migrants, have exerted efforts towards detection of crimes and arresting of human trafficking suspects, addressing cases and referral of accused human trafficking crimes for trail, giving awareness on human trafficking harms, supporting human trafficking victims and developing Regional and International coordination.

This commission has convened several meetings during the last year for the purpose of developing coordination and mobilizing affairs related to human trafficking and smuggling of migrants. As a result, the Law on Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants has been amended and the smuggling of migrants has been defined therein as a criminal act. Similarly, in cooperation with International Migration Organization, a national research has been undertaken on human trafficking status in seven provinces of the country, in accordance with which, the National Action Plan for Combating Human Trafficking, Public Awareness Plan and Triennial Plan (1397-1399) of this commission have been prepared and approved. Also, taking into account the amended law, Job Descriptions of High Commission and Provincial Commissions for Combating Human Trafficking and Smuggling Migrants have been revised and approved.

Some of the Accomplishments of Member Institutions of this Commission during the Last Year:

  1. 95 smugglers arrested by the detection organs and referred to justice institutions, amongst which, 77 human trafficking suspects have been tried resulting into conviction of 33 persons into short term imprisonment up to death penalty as follows:
  • 18 persons have been convicted into mid-term imprisonment;
  • 8 persons have been convicted into long-term imprisonment;
  • 1 person has been convicted into short-term imprisonment;
  • 4 persons have been convicted into continued imprisonment;
  • 2 persons have been convicted into death penalty;
  • 11 persons have been acquitted and cases of 31 others are under process.
  1. 106 Human Trafficking Networks recognized and identified by the NDS, and following that, operations have been conducted on 28 networks thereof.
  2. 126 Human Trafficking Cases detected and inspected by police.
  3. The NDS and Ministry of Interior Affairs have prevented the illegal migration of 210 juveniles and youths that were being transferred outside the country by migrant smugglers.
  4. Thousands of (14 thousands 462) human trafficking victims have been supported on health and psychological areas by the Ministry of Public Health.
  5. 603 victims of human trafficking have been supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs at the center and provinces, and hundreds of others by some relevant functional non-governmental organizations.
  6. More than 300 training and awareness programs have been convened by responsible authorities in order to raise awareness level of employees of public institutions and civil organizations. Besides this, awareness have been conducted via Masjids and audio-video media for thousands of people on human trafficking harms and consequences in deferent districts of Kabul city.

In this context, according to the report of Department of State of USA that is annually published, Afghanistan was at the second rank of supervision in 2016. But bearing in mind the steps taken in this regard, it promoted in 2017 to second rank without supervision.

We believe that the International community, especially our neighboring countries in the region better understand that welfare, security and stability of the region is well-related to the welfare, security and stability of Afghanistan. Therefore, in the absence of all-rounded cooperation of International community especially of region countries in the area of establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan, the human trafficking and illegal migrants’ crisis would get escalated and consequently afflicts these countries into this evil.

The High Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and Smuggling Migrants does not have a specific budget at the present, however now it has opened a specific bank account to enhance its efforts on the way of combating human trafficking and smuggling migrants supported by the Afghanistan government and International organizations.

Thus we, from the address of High Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and Smuggling Migrants, request all member institutions to get the issue of combating human trafficking and smuggling migrants serious, and set it as their priority tasks.

It is mention worthy that the High Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and Smuggling Migrants established in the year 1390 with a composition of 16 governmental and non-governmental institutions. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the chairmanship and secretariat affairs of this commission and It holds meetings every other two months and is currently functional in 33 provinces.