MoU Signs between Norwegian Refugee Council and Ministry of Justice

January 24th 2018

This Memorandum of Understanding got signed between His Excellency, Dr. Abdul Basir Anwar- Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Mr. Roberto Vila Sexto- Director General for Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Afghanistan, in order to implement Information, Consultation and Legal Assistance (ICLA) Project. On the basis of this MoU, the Norwegian Refugee Council, would support the Ministry of Justice in the following areas:

  1. Provision ofsustainable legal assistance in accordance with international standards, and quality delivery of awareness services to the refugees, returnees and internally displaced people, as well as provision of opportunities for the majority of Afghan citizens to have access to justice;
  2. Equipment of 34 small legal libraries in the capital and provinces, in order to enhance the capacity of various department staff members in center and provinces;
  3. Recruitment of legal advisors in accordance with the enforced national laws;
  4. Coordination in providing legal assistance and legal public awareness at center and provincial level;
  5. Advocacy and providing legal consultation in civil cases (property, alimony,inheritance, dowry and custody) that are introduced to this organization by the Directorate General of Legal Assistance;
  6. Conducting training programs for upgrading the capacity of legal aid providers, public legal awareness propagators and other staff members in center and provinces. Also, the NRC would annuallyconduct two advanced training programs for the senior officials of the ministry;
  7. Cooperation on printing propagation materials to provide awareness to the citizens, would be organized by Sub-department of Public Legal Awareness.

The Information, Consultation and Legal Assistance (ICLA) Project is funded by the European Commission, DANID, NMFA, MFA, DUTCH, DFID and NORAD, and implemented by the NRC.This organization works in more than 20 countries around the world and since 2003; it works in Afghanistan, and has so far implemented many projects on welfare of the refugees and the internally displaced people.