Unveiling Ceremony on Modernization of Administrative System of Foreign Relations Department of Ministry of Justice

The Foreign Relations Department has recently been created within the Structure of Ministry of Justice. Now Ministry of Justice held an official ceremony for the purpose of inauguration of modernization of administrative system of  this department.

His Excellency Abdul Basir Anwar, Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, spoke at this ceremony and expressed happiness on administrative modernization of this newly established department. He said; “Foreign Relations Department has been established to govern MoJ relations with international organizations, donors and embassies. Via this channel, we can understand and identify what our departments need and what needs to be shared with what international organization or embassy as per the agreements we have.”

The Minister added that one of the issues required simplification was the process of renouncing and acquiring citizenship, as well as creating a better filing and database system. The process of renouncing and acquiring citizenship that previously took a lot of time, but fortunately with the introduction of a database and new and advanced system, this process has now been simplified resulting into better service provision to the countrymen and women. He asked Foreign Relations Department to identify and share problems existing in the process of renouncing and acquiring citizenship so that measures are taken to address such issues and to raise issues pertinent to other institutionsin the cabinet meeting.

The Justice Minister thanked JSSP and INL for their  contributions, and asked for their  further support to Ministry of Justice, particularly in the area of filing system and online registration of cases of General Department of  State Cases and General Department of Huqoq.

The Foreign Relations Department is responsible to ensure relationship between the Ministry of Justice and international organizations, donors and embassies, and one of the major duties that this department hold, is to process citizenship renunciation documentation of our citizens living abroad but wish to renounce their Afghan citizenship, and likewise processing of documents of foreigners that are seekingto acquire Afghan citizenship.

This department in cooperation with the esteemed office of JSSP, created an arranged filing and database system for the purpose of simplifying renouncing and acquiring citizenship process and introduced it at this ceremony which will enable the staff to find out within no time the individual cases and to provide information on the status of the dossiers.

Thus the Foreign Relations Department of MoJ, officially inaugurated by ribbon cutting.