High Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and Smuggling Migrants third meeting was held.

Kabul 26th Dec, 2017

The meeting was chaired by his Excellency Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the finalization of the training manual on human trafficking and migrants smuggling, developing a ToR on the activities of high commission and provincial commissions on combating trafficking in person and smuggling migrants.

The Justice Minister talked on human trafficking, and the spread of human trafficking crime recently has raised serious concerns at international level and has become a major challenge. According to estimates and inquiries, human trafficking, besides, the weapons and drug smuggling, is a significant source of illicit income. The criminal networks of trafficking in person, through the abuse, trick, deception and exploitation of the victims of this crime, gainhuge financial incomes.

Human trafficking mostly targets those countries which face political crisis, armed conflicts or poverty and unemployment. Afghanistan is also a country in the fog of war and crisis, poverty and insecurity, and it is considered as a vulnerable country in this regard.

He also reminded the work done by the High Commission for Combating HumanTrafficking and the activities that took place after the second meeting of the commission. His Excellency called on the members of the commission, taking into account the provisions of human trafficking law, the procedures of the High Commission and the National Action Plan Combat Human Trafficking Crimes, to fight against these severe and inhuman crimes in order to provide a live in a healthier and safer society in the country.

In this meeting, 22 representatives of the member organizations of the Commission on Trafficking in Person and Smuggling Migrants participated and reviewed the issues mentioned. Also, the Trafficking in Person guideline with remarks and comments was approved and was decided to be finalized by the technical Committee meetingon Combating Human Trafficking and Migrants Smuggling.