Legal Awareness- A National Responsibility, to Prevent Violence against Women

Kabul, November 25 2017

The Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan congratulates the International Elimination of Violence against Women Day,to the women of Afghanistan and of the world, and hopes to make further progress in its move towards creating a society free from violence. The Ministry of Justice, on the basis of Article 56 of Afghanistan Constitution and considering its responsibilities as per Article 12 of  the Law on Violence against Women, has so far from the beginning of fiscal year 1396, conducted the following activities with an aim to eliminate violence against women:

  • Conducting a 3 months special campaign of legal awareness in 7 provinces (Kabul, Balkh, Herat, Kunduz, Bamyan, Badakhshan and Nangarhar) for almost 3,800 school teachers, elders and heads of Community Development Councils (CDCs), students of schools and governmental and nongovernmental universities through allegorical shows, educational programs and legal knowledge competitions vialocal and central radios;
  • Conducting legal awareness programs for more than 8,600 state employees, juvenile delinquents, school students and central and provincial residents;
  • Printing, publishing and distribution of more than 49,000 promotional papers (brushers, posters, billboards) on financial rights of women and prohibition of violence against women in capital and provinces;

However, many factors including absurd customs and practices, and in some areas, in security, have been the leading obstacles for the Ministry of Justice to conduct legal awareness programs all over the country, statistics show that fortunately effective tasks have been accomplished so far.

We assume Legal Awareness, a common and national responsibility; it is therefore necessary that we all get involved in enhancing the legal awareness of citizens. One of the effective ways to eliminate violence against women, is to harmonize and coordinate the legal awareness activities of all national and international organizations.