His Excellency Minister of Justice Statement in Shanghai Conference

His Excellency, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Excellencies Ministers of Justice of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States and honorable observers and participants of this conference!

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahamatullah Wa Barakatuh,

Expressing my earnest gratitude and thankfulness to His Excellency Minister of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan, for inviting me to participate in this splendid conference, I am extremely glad to find myself once again amongst my friends and participants of the conference.

Distinguished Participantsto this magnificent conference!

I would like to convey you all, the sincere wishes of the leaders of the National Unity Government and availing this opportunity, I would also like toonce again reiterate the earnest request of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the acceptance of Afghanistan as the Full Member of this Organization.

I am sure, you are well aware that our country is, for a long time, subject tothe brutal threat of the terrorist bands and groups. The government and the people of Afghanistan, with the support of peace-loving communities, are vigorously fighting against these terrorists and arefirmly determinedto uproot this global menace once and for all, and not allow this disaster to spread furtherand engulf other countries, in particular the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, some of which we have long andcommon borders with.

The illicit trade of drugs and narcotics is another menace that these terrorist groups take full advantage of it in carrying on their terrorist activities and vicious designs.

The government and the people of Afghanistan are therefore, in the fore-front of combat against extremism, terrorism and global mafia groups, who are the majorobstacles before restoring peace, stability and felicity of the people, and do not allow implementing of thereforms and the development programs of ourgovernment.

In spite of all these challenges, the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has managed to take bold stepsin development and advancement of the economic, political and social conditionsof the people, and has been able to bring tremendous and remarkable changes in the life of its citizens.

The Ministry of Justice until the year 2017, not ended yet, has processed and published more than 62 legislative documents, such as, laws, legislative decrees andamendments to them and at the same time, more than 22 relevant conventions, agreements and treaties have been reviewed and scrutinized and published in the official gazettes.

In the current year, TheMinistry of Justice, managed to bring together all criminal provisions of some 50 variousdocuments and compiled in one set and processed it under the title of “The Penal Code”. The PenalCode has been codified on the basis of international principles and regulations, where the proportionalitybetween the crime and punishmenthas been observed. New sections on alternative to imprisonment has been added to this Code and it has been provided that instead of applying the heavy punishment against the perpetrators, immense steps be taken for their correction, rehabilitation and adaptation with the society.

In the course of current year, the Child Rights Protection Acthas been developed in accordance with the Child Rights Conventionand is under the process for approval. Likewise, the Election Law has been processed and published in the official gazette.

These laws and legislative documents, not only regulate various matters, but also facilitate opportunities for legal, political, social and economical development of the society.

The formation of the High Council for Rule of Law and Combat Against Administrative Corruption chaired by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan comprised of high ranking officials of executive and judiciary organs of the state, are the fundamental and effective steps which the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has taken tothoroughly eradicate corruption all over the country.

The formation of commission for justice reforms is anotherstep taken forward to bring immediate reformsin the system.

Revising the Law on Structure and Jurisdiction of the Judiciary, Enforcement of the New Penal Code,and bringing reforms in other relevant legislative documentsguaranteeing the accountability of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan towards the international community in London and BrusselsConferences andfinally to provide better services observing transparency and ensuring justice in growth and balanced development of our country, provides the opportunity for long lasting peace and stability.

These steps have profound and decisive impact on elimination of crisis and instability, as for as internal and Afghan factors are concerned. It should be noted that terrorism and extremism that victimizes our people for many years,considers peace and stabilityas of its destruction factor and struggles against it at any cost.

So it is that the war in Afghanistan is not the internal war between Afghans and there is the need for the decisive and sustained support of the international community. The continuity of the crimes of the terrorist networks and the murder and killing of innocent people andinternally displacements and finally results into leavingthe country, that is impossible to ignore the chain connections of the activities of these networks as well as human and immigrants trafficking networks. Combat against these networks is not viable other thanadaption of joint effort between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Shanghai Cooperation Organization state members.

I herebycall upon StateMembers to demonstrate their readiness to cooperate seriously with the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to combat this phenomenon and salvage us from being the point of origin, the place of transit, and sometimes the target for human and immigrantstraffickingeven though this pathwould not be usually free from gigantic human tragedies.

I also reminded in the former gathering, that criminal networks often nurture children under the age of 18 by conducting brainwash and professional inculcation for suicide attacks. And eventhe political leadership of the country and judicial system of Afghanistan releasesthem by observing the principle judicial leniency; unfortunately, they not only give up their evil actionsbut continue to redo the same crime. In order to get rescued from humanitarian catastrophe that threatens all of us, I once again would like to seek cooperation of this splendid gathering to help us treat this brainwashed people.

At the end, I hope this glorious conference will render tangible outcomes, where the interests of all the participant countries, are considered.

Wishing all the happiness, felicity and prosperityforparticipants of this conference!

Thank you.