His Excellency Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar, Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Meets MR. David Arnold Director General of Asia Foundation, Abdullah Ahmadzai Head of Asia Foundation for Afghanistan and their Accompanied Delegation

October 16, 2017

At the beginning, His Excellency Minister of Justice welcomed Director General of  The Asia Foundation. And thanked for all their efforts towards insuring the justice and rule of law.

Minister of Justice added: our joint goal is to bring peace, stability, justice and rule of law in the country, and we thank you for all your cooperation regarding the legal aids. We plan to establish legal clinics for all those students who are graduating from the law faculties and or would provide them with internship opportunities.

He also said that: one of our essential and important plans is to build the capabilities of General Directorate of  Taqnin which requires to be modernized with the highest standards. All the laws need to be revised and aligned with the enforced Constitution, social requirements and global norms and standards. He expressed hope to makeuse of experiences and cooperation of Asia Foundation in the required area.

Mr. Arnold admired the activities and programs of the Ministry of Justice particularly in the area of and formal justice and legal aid and called them interesting.

Moreover, he shed light on their capabilities, experiences and their inputs they have in 18 countries and adds that currently they are working with Ministry of Education on establishing the legal clinics for law students and looking to our abilities we will extend our cooperation with you too. He also added that: we have the experience and facilities in the areas of research regarding comparing of laws and utilizing the laws and best practices of other countries but it depends on the amount of funds we will get.

At the end, the Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expressed his gratitude and appreciation in relation to the Asia Foundation’s supports to the Ministry of Justice and asked for their further cooperation.