The General Director of Legal Aids Department of Ministry of Justice Visits Divisions of Kabul City, First Zone Primary Court

September 27, 2017

The general director of legal aids department of Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mrs. Aziza Adalatkha, and the adviser of JSSP Administration, based on previously approved plan, visited the quadruplet Zone Courts, in order to supervise the functions and activities of legal aid providers, and met Judge Ahmad Sayeed Ashrafi, Chief of the first zone Courts, the Chief of public security division and the acting head of criminal law division for introductory purposes.

Mrs. Adalatkha, the General Director of Legal Aids, pointed the aims of these supervising programs, the betterment of affairs related to legal aid services, through Ministry of Justice. She added that the Ministry of Justice and the General Directorate of Legal Aids intend to provide quality legal aid services to indigent suspects and accused, in accordance to the provisions of relevant laws.

The heads of first zone primary courts prized the innovative act of the General Directorate of Legal Aids, meanwhile, appreciated the role and functions of legal aid providers in the legal system of the Nation. Also, the heads of mentioned courts provided a number ofdistinct suggestions for the ease of the process of providing legal aid services.

As a result, below agreements were made at this meeting:

  • presence of legal aid providers On-time at the court, as they are being assigned, in order to study the case files, as well as, to attend judicial trials for the purpose of defending their clients at determined time.
  • To strengthen the relationship between correspondence departments of courts and the officials of General Directorate of Legal Aids.
  • Promptness of activities in affairs pertaining to legal aids.
  • Cooperation of legal aid providers in coordinating the official letters for assigning legal aid providers, amongst courts and the General Directorate of Legal Aids.
  • Professional consideration and concentration of legal aid providers in preparing defense statements, objection letters and rejection of objection letters.
  • Conducting seminars for legal aid providers in order to build their professional capacity.