Even If the Laws are Enacted by the Two Third of Votes, The House of Representatives(WoliseJirga) Have Not Yet Submitted Them in order to be Published, Directly to the Ministry of Justice

Saturday, September 23, 2017 – Kabul

However, if the laws have been endorsed due to any reason yet, their decree of publicationis issued by the President. In case the original copy of the law has not been submitted to the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry will have no choice to publish or print.

Normally, the enactments of the National Assembly are being sent to the office of Ministry of Government for Parliamentary Affairs, and then are being directed in order to be endorsed, to the Office of the President.

Consequently, the Presidential Office has the approvals of both houses of the National Assembly,on their hands. The legislations have always traversed the National Assembly, Office of Ministry of Government for Parliamentary Affairs, Office of the President and finally, the Ministry of Justice.