The Foreign Citizens are Requesting Citizenship fromAfghanistan

During the firstsix months of fiscal year, 1396 (2017),10 number of foreign citizens from Turkey, India, China, France and a number of other countries have requested the citizenship of Afghanistan. The reason of most of them in requesting the Afghan citizenship, are getting married with Afghan citizens.

Meanwhile, the renouncingof citizenship by Afghan citizens hasalso been requested; duringthe first six months of current year, 507 Afghan citizensrequested torenouncing their citizenships from the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Most of the requests for renouncingthe citizenship of Afghanistan are being requested by citizens who are living in Iran, Netherlands and Ukraine countries; Most of the mentioned requesters claim that in order to acquire the citizenship of other countries, it is essential to relinquish the Afghan citizenship; since, the laws of some countries does not permitthe dual citizenship.