His Excellency, Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar, Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,Meet Mrs. Tatana Colin, Director of TheJuvenile Protection Unit of UNICEF for Afghanistan.

September 10, 2017

In this meeting both sidesdiscussed and exchanged their views pertaining restoration of Kabul Juvenile Rehabilitation Center and facilitating the required equipment of children for juvenile rehabilitation centers.

Mrs. Colin, Director of Children Protection Unite of UNICEF for Afghanistan stated that based on Memorandum of Understanding signed between Ministry of Justice and The UNICEF Administration, the restoration process of two buildings of Kabul Juvenile Rehabilitation Center have been completed and is ready to be utilized.

She added that the UNICEF Administration had transferred (50,000) USD worth equipment and other necessary tools from juvenile rehabilitation center and Bagram Jail to the Kabul Juvenile Rehabilitation Center.

The said equipment include(100)metallic bunk beds, (200) spongy mattresses, (200) blankets, (200) pillows, (1253) meters carpet and a number of other required facilities of rehabilitation centers.

At the end, The Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expressed his gratitude and appreciation in relation to the UNICEF’s supports to the Ministry of Justice and asked for their further cooperation.