Provision of Legal Awareness to More Than Three Hundred Citizens All Over the Country

Kabul – Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017

Providing legal awareness is one of the responsibilities of Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, based on it, the Ministry of Justice provides legal awareness through schools, urban areas, districts, mosques, nurseries, State institutions, juvenile correction and rehabilitation centers, media, publications and newspapers.

Likewise,following the establishment of the National Unity Government, thusfar some 8 editions of  Booklets, over 500 brochures,  posters and billboards and monthlieshave been published on legal awareness, such awarenesses,were focused on absurd customs and traditions, child rights and individuals suffering from disabilities, rights of suspect, accused,  and usurpation from perspective of law and Sharia as well as human and migrants abduction,civil cases trial process, prohibition of narcotics from law and Sharia point of view and some other materials. The recipients of these messages areschool students, deputies of sub-districts, public police personnel, prisoners, detainees, children of juvenile correction centers and residents of the locality.