Usurpation Prevention of Three Thousand and Forty (1 Hectare=5 Jeribs) Jeribs of State Owned Lands, Over 293 Million Afs and over Fourteen Millions of Dollars

Kabul – Monday, Sep 10th 2017

Based on law, the Ministry of Justice defends the financial rights and lawful interests of the State before courts, particularly its lands, movable and immovable properties.

Following persistent efforts, the professional members of this institution has managed to conclude parallel  to 3040 Jeribs (1 Hectare= 5 Jeribs) and 56 Beswah(1 beswa=100 square meters) and 24 Beswasah (1 beswasa=5 meter square) of land, 2806 square meters of commercial land, 7602 square meters of Agricultural lands, 18 shops, 6 houses, 3 apartments,  tow hundred ninety three million two hundred seven thousand eight hundred fifty eight Afghanis, fourteen million and one hundred seventy thousand and ninety two US$ in interest of the State at court of cassation.

Based on provisions of Law on State Cases, all State institutions are obliged, incase their movable and immovable properties are subjected to seizure and usurpation, to present their documents and proofs to representatives So that public rights are jointly defended.