The Deputy of UNICEF for Afghanistan Calls on the Minster of Justice


His Excellency, Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar, the Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, received Mr. SteffenoSawi, the deputy of UNICEF for Afghanistan and Mrs.TatanCollen, Responsible for the protection of children, for a meeting and discussion at the ministry.

In this meeting, both sides discussedin details on the amending the women prison at BadamBagh of Kabul, turning it into the children rehabilitation and education center, shifting the child prisoners from the Bagram Prison to this center, providing the necessary goods and equipment for children in the Bagram Prison as well as the children rehabilitation and education center, legal assistance for the children in detention to pursue their cases, and the Comprehensive Child Act.

The Minister of Justice thanked and expressed appreciation for the UNICEF’scooperation with the ministry and hoped for further cooperation of the UNICEF in the future.

The Minister of Justice, regarding the Comprehensive Child Act said that the scrutiny on the Act was completed and approved by the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and it has been dispatched to the National Assembly for adoption. After the signing by the president and its issuance in the official gazette, an implementation plan,with the support of UNICEF and other relevant institutions, shall be developed for its better implementation.

The UNICEF has undertaken the responsibility of amending the women prison of BadamBagh, and turning it into the children rehabilitation and education center.

At the end, the deputy of the UNICEF for Afghanistan promised to cooperate with the Ministry of Justice in the aforesaid matters.