Report on the trip of Afghan Delegation to Indonesia - Ministry of Justice

Report on the trip of Afghan Delegation to Indonesia

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from the very beginning of its working days has identified Anti – admin– corruption, one of the biggest challenges to the people and state and for fighting this ominous phenomenon has taken different measures.

Establishment of High council of Rule of law and Anti – corruption under chairmanship of the president, with participation of High state authorities, second vice president, chief justice, attorney journal, Ministers of justice, finance and interior, Director –general of National security and other state authorities. Establishment of Justice center under  Attorney general in which the police for Anti –severe crimes, primary and Appellate prosecutors and primary and appeal courts are involved  and mainly  examine investigate ,prosecute and address   cases  which have been specified according to provisions of  the decree of the president office and  approval of the supreme court concerning Admin- corruption .

Issuance of decree on independence of of joint independent committee of Anti – admin- corruption

 For reviewing and monitoring performances and activities of internal and foreign organization resident in Afghanistan being funded by international community and other measures for restructuring justice departments and institutions and reforming them have been adopted that thanks Allah has produced tangible results and with this regard Afghanistan has had four steps progression reflected in the yearly report of the international community.

 The Afghan delegation comprised of representatives of office of the president, Ministry of justice, Attorney general Office, Ministry of Foreign affairs ,High office for over sight on implementation of Anti – admin corruption Strategy, High council of Scholars,. Civil society, Independent Commission of Human Rights. The delegation headed by Respected Dr. Abdul Basir Anwar Minister of justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with authorities of the commission for elimination of admin corruption of Indonesia   on the invitation of Commission for elimination of Corruption of Republic of Indonesia on 8 to 9 March of the current year in Jagata the capital of that country, in addition to exchange of views and raising of challenges ,attempt was made  to use the experiences  of the commission for elimination of corruption of Indonesia which has a specific model and to a great extent has been applicable , accepted and respected among the public of that country, the delegation visited performances and activities of different  sections of the  Commission for elimination Admin - corruption   and noted the  issues which has practical  and applicable aspects in Afghanistan as experiences of friendly  country  Indonesia

In addition to separate visits promise was made that the mentioned Commission share   experiences and theoretical issues as laws and regulations and some other publications every now and then.

 Besides the short trip other visit that the Minister of Justice and the accompanied delegation had was

 On cooperation between Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Indonesia, areas of cooperation were specified that the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Indonesia promised of cooperation in different respects. As the ambassador of Islamic Republic  of Afghanistan in Indonesia  was present  in all these meetings decision was made that such  cooperation  are to be regulated through Embassy of Afghanistan in Indonesia with Ministry of Foreign affairs.