8th March world woman day was marked at Ministry of Justice - Ministry of Justice

8th March world woman day was marked at Ministry of Justice

1395/ 12/17

 In a meeting held on this occasion by Gender Sub-directorate Of the Ministry of Justice in Conference room of this Ministry ,  Heads of Departments of the Ministry of Justice The head of Huqooq Department of the Ministry of Women Affairs , respected representative of GIZ and a number of guests and employees of the Ministry of Justice had participated.

 Showanwal Shah wali  Atayee the Director of policy  and plan of the Ministry  of Justice congratulated  the world  Woman Day and  talked on  woman position  in Islam, he also recited the congratulatory message which was prepared on  this occasion.

 Mrs., Aziza Adalat Khowah the Head of Huqooq Department of women Affairs also congratulated the eight Mach (women Solidarity Day) and delivered the congratulatory message of Elhaj Delbar.Nazari the Minister of women Affairs on the occasion of 8 Th March.

At the end Mrs. Catreen  the representative of the office of  GIZ congratulated the 8th   of March  the world women day  to women  of Afghanistan   and the world  and  spoke on  the programs of the year 2017  upon which work will be done on the occasion  of eighth March and empowerment of women.