Commemoration of Security and Defensive forces National day - Ministry of Justice

Commemoration of Security and Defensive forces National day


 The Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan participated in the ceremonies held   on the occasion of commemoration of National day of Security and Defensive Forces. Sayed Mohammad Hahemi Deputy – minister of Justice appreciating bravery and heroism of the Security and Defensive forces of  the country said : Marking this day is commemorating   the zeal , bravery  and patriotism  of   Security  and  Defensive  forces of the country who are  serving for ensuring  security  and  defense of  independence , National Sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and sacrifice their sweet  lives.

 The Deputy – Minister of Justice attaching importance to conscription into military service stated that: in the past since the foundation of Army we witnessed this fact that our Security and Defensive forces were among very important forces in the region. But regretfully for reasons of critical situation in our country it was disrupted.  Presently effective strides have been taken towards rehabilitation of Armed forces and today our National army is an honorable army defending the country national prides but when we raise the question of military service one person from each family considering his age must be a member of the National army. Our proposal is that attention shall be paid with regard to it.

 At the end  the Deputy- minister of  justice called on the people  of Afghanistan to  pray for the victory of security and defense forces  and support them morally,  he  also asked the people of  Afghanistan to  perform their patriotic and religious  obligation in tackling   the problems  of  families and  off spring  of martyr’s of  security and defensive forces.