Ministry of Justice convenes a Scientific and Research Seminar on Draft of Family Law - Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice convenes a Scientific and Research Seminar on Draft of Family Law

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) convened a scientific and research seminar on draft of Family Law. The mentioned seminar was attended by: Doctor Abdul Basir Anwar; Minister of Justice, Jaslin Mesen; Deputy Chief of UNDP, Doctor Mohammad Ayaz Niazi; Professor of Kabul University, Doctor Sher Ali Zarifi; professor of Salam University, Doctor Abdul Karim Basirat; chairman of the Faculty of Sharia of Kabul University, scholars, professors of various Universities, representatives of relevant administrations and civil Societies.

Minister of Justice emphasized on the Role of Family Law and said:  Laws consistent with human dignity, especially, with provisions and values of Islam have essential role in leading and ensuring justice in a society and, by considering the facts of our society and the values of our religious nation, we need to have standard and just laws.

Minister of Justice added: in the last few years, regarding reforming and enacting legislative documents, lots of efforts have been done and we are witnessing some bold improvements and changes too. He added: With beginning of the National Unity Government, drafting and reforming of the laws have been improved and drafts of the Penal Code and Juvenile Code are the bold examples of it. Meanwhile he added: by considering the current situation and needs of the Country, Ministry of Justice included the family Law in its annual Legislative Plan and will start working on it next year.

Minister of Justice urged the participants to help Ministry of Justice by providing their scientific comments and remarks about family Law until Ministry of Justice draft a better Law in future.

At the end, Mr. Jaslin, Doctor Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, Doctor Sher Ali Sharifi and Doctor Fazal Rahim Basirat shared their remarks on Family Law and provided their suggestions and recommendations as well.

In the last two days of the seminar, this law was discussed article by article and participants provided their views.